The Pen Pals EP [2014]

by The Extraordinaires



released October 1, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Song that Ends Right Now
This is the song that ends right now.
Track Name: Beware, the All-Seeing Eye!
We're the ones that watch over this residence,
And you'll see that it's really quite evident,
One bad apple poisons us all,
So I'm listening to your voices through the wall

We're here to count every move you've ever made,
And it's hard to find a needle in a haystack wouldn't you say?
It ain't easy keeping the score,
But I'm catching on, and I'm catching more and more

Now you see me, now you don't,
I haunt this house just like a ghost,
It won't be long before you notice,
Everybody has a different motive

Sleight of hand and misdirection,
Monitored for your protection,
Smoke and mirrors, no reflection,
Everybody has a different method

And we need you to get it done,
'Cause keeping honest people honest isn't fun,

We need eyes and ears in this game,
So just observe and then report suspicious names,
Delicious names,



Listen and obey,
You'll never get away,
When the Eye is upon you,
And they try to disarm you,
There's no where to run,
Because you're under the gun now,
When the eye is upon you,
There's no one to turn to
Track Name: Pen Pals
Go grab a pencil or a pen, pluck a feather from a hen,
Or grab a stick and go and drawn in the sand,
You could even use a rock, or rustle up a little chalk
If you get itchy in your drawing hand,

'Cause firemen and presidents,
Even local residents'll take a couple seconds to draw,
Some kids don't ever grow outta painting pictures on the wall,

So! Tell have you ever seen an Aligator/Leopard
With a map and a big balloon?
Well if I had a couple minutes I would scribble up an image
And I'd sign it on over to you,

'Cause every day is special when you've got a pen or pencil,
And a place that you wanna draw,
'Cause hey who knows!? Way it goes, when you're old
You could become the next Renoire,

You can draw a circle!
You can draw a square!
You can drawn and apple or an orange and a pear,
All you gotta do is let the pen wander,
Listen to the magic in the marker,

Pen Pals!
Track Name: Welcome to the Jungle
Boy I hope you're happy now cause this world's swinging on a string
You've got tied to your little finger, swaying, pull it back and forth again
And I'm sure that you don't want lose yourself and fall into the
Cracks between the city streets, big bang beat, well don't you know
That they told you it would be so sweet,

The Lion in his den is roaring, he's King, keeping all the kitties out
Gorillas got his fist a beating, his thing -- thunder claps are crashing loud
Man I hope you're hearing how this jungle is calling out to bring you down
All the while sing it louder, prouder, while it comes a swingin' 'round

Boy you know you're in the right to try to do your thing and do it right,
And you really should be glad you, had to