The Postcard EP [2010]

by The Extraordinaires



A short EP we recorded with our friend Kyle Pulley at his warehouse studio in N. Philly - a fun weekend of frozen fingers, hot coffee and high fives.


released September 18, 2012

Recorded at Big Mama's Warehouse
Engineered/Mixed by Kyle Pulley
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe
All songs written/performed by the Extraordinaires



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Big Show
We say it like its true then watch it put down its roots
And blossom from the gossip, into truth
We're in the weeds up to our knees, it's
Hard to tell the poison from the fruit

Look out below! The whole damn thing's about to blow!
Gone are all the good days, but hey
At least we get to watch the show!
Speak up, sing loud, if you can't let them hear you now
We'll be winning in a rat race, from here until
The bottom falls out

So take a walk around the block and do what you do
Those sunny skies are singing just for you,
But the weather man has bigger plans so
Dress for nasty weather and stay tuned

Teach a man to fish and watch him eat every day
A tender tuna steak or cod filet, but
Feed him to the sharks and he won't
Ever want to fish another day


There's a rumor right between the lines
Some say it's about time and the end is nigh and near
Fortune tellers dress you up just to bring you down
But there's always an update to keep you coming 'round

When will the fire and the brimstone stop the clock?
With all these advertisements left to watch?
Track Name: Laugh out Loud//er
Come on darlin' don't you worry
There's no rush and there's no hurry
Turn a little light on,
Dig and keep on diggin' on the the ones you love

Stand keep standing, dance keep dancing
Take a little weight off
Dance around the room with the ones you love

All your life

Tongue-tied, twilight, star-eyed,
Laugh a little louder tonight

Old traditions, superstitions
Put a little smile,
Dance and keep on digging on the ones you love

Joys and pleasures, buried treasures
These are things that last forever
Turn a little light on,
Dig and keep on digging on the one you love

All your life, and all the good times

Track Name: Parking Wars
The other day I went out drivin'
In that hatchback wagoneer,
And as I parked by your apartment
Your nosy neighbor stopped to stare

I did the reverse light,
The head check, and the
Clutch-coast, but the curb was just too close

Rolled up the windows tilted sideways
With two wheels up on the curb, that's when your
Neighbor started cursing, and it
Seemed so well rehearsed, she did the

Shake down,
And the break down,
And the take down,
She said 'Get off my curb and get lost'

Well if you treat me like a dog I'll leave a
Present on your lawn, and I'll move on

La da dee da dumb, la da dee da dumb,
A lotta' people can be, La da dee da dumb

How 'bout last week I had a big job,
Out across the Delaware,
It was me and Fraatz and Garvey,
Throwing couches down the stairs

We did the back stack,
And the flat pack,
With a bad back,
We got twenty bucks a man,

Locked up the truck and took a walk down
To the city sandwich shop, but just then
Up drove Mr. No-Fun, looking down his nose at us

He did the shake down,
And the breakdown,
And the take down,
He said 'Get this truck off of my lot'


If you spent more of your time being nice or polite,
Like a 'Hello', 'Thank You', 'Yes Please', and 'Alright',
If you treat me right I might be more inclined,
If you force my hand then I'm the stubborn kind