Dress for Nasty Weather [2014]

by The Extraordinaires



Recorded in Spring of 2013 with generous donations from our amazing Kickstarter backers. Slated for release in Spring of 2014, our Kickstarter backers are invited to claim their EXCLUSIVE EARLY DOWNLOAD of the record on December 20th 2013.


released December 20, 2013

Produced by Jay Purdy, Matt Gibson and Kyle Johnson
Engineered by Corey Fortune West
Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound in NYC

The Extraordinaires are:
Jay Purdy | Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Piano
Matt Gibson | Bass/Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Piano
Zach Poyatt | Electric Guitar/Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Piano
Koofreh Umoren | Trumpet

Additional Players:
Dave Fishkin | Saxaphones
Billy Dufala | Flute/Cuíca/Triangle/Percussion
Jamie Robinson | Synth/Keys
Larry Toft | Trombone
Vinchelle Woods | Vocals
Kyle Johnson | Drum Machine


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Track Name: Split the Difference
[Philo the dog howls]

Two opinions pose a threat to peace between opposing sets
Opposing forces never rest and it's best to keep your distance
If I want things a certain way and you refuse or disobey
It's up to me to pave the way by crushing your resistance

When you strike back it's 'This means war!'
Then we start that good old back and forth
I'll do my worst to break your sword and battle your persistence

Like old Berlin, Korea too a stalemate doesn't mean I lose,
I'll simply carve the map in two and gladly split the difference!

History, it has its way of getting buried with the dead
And hiding underwater for a time
But every now and then you'll see the Ghost of Death and Misery
He's creeping up behind you carving lines

Carve it up! Carve it up! Carve it up!
Take that map and carve it up!
Track Name: Stray Bullet
I was made of rotten wood
And there were plenty things I never understood
'Till the Angel came and asked me if I would
Like to take a little stroll around the neighborhood

She embraced my wooden heart
She was the first to see me for the sum of all the parts
We took a step and started dancing all around the yard
Just a'howling at the moon and counting all the stars

But over time the Angel came to grant me all of my wishes
And I could never trust another soul to be on her mind
And when my nose grows I get paranoid and suspicious
It wasn't long until she brought me to the end of the line

Well I woke up and looked around
Well it had been a couple days and I was feeling down
I bought a pocket full of dreams and the weighed me down
With their charms
And she danced around in my arm as she sang she sang,

'Let me take you on a ride,
We could agree to be each others alibis
For the wild days, and the wild nights
We can burn like candles on a winter night

Stray, like a bullet, I was lost in a dangerous city
Heavy heavy hands held high just to have her around
Brain's like a paperweight, what a waste of space, such a pity
It won't be long until she puts me to the end of the line

[Musical interlude]

Snoring loudly fate has found me in my weakest moment,
And in my place I've given chase to the bait of my opponent,
Snoring louder never prouder it's my great escape, and
Every time I take to the sky I always bring my cape,

And as I climb - into - the cannon on the roof
I try to aim it right at the ground but my
Aim - isn't true - and I feel a bit confused so now I'm
Heading right up to the moon
And the light - from the fuse - is caught between my tooth and all the
Critters crawl out of my mouth, leading me right out of town
To the end - leading me to the end of the line

Until the spring that was sprung on the spot,
The twig that toppled the pot,
The king was humbled and brought down to his knees
Track Name: Blue Moon
When you're up - you come down
Then you hide - in the clouds I wonder what I can do - for you

You get big - then you're small
There are nights that I don't see you at all oh what a shame
Must be something - I can do for you

Blue moon, when you gonna come around?
I'm hear waiting on the ground and I'll be here when you come down
Blue moon, how'd you make it on your own?
You don't need to be alone, just let me know when you come down

When you're up - you come down
Then you hide - from the crowd, I wonder what I can do for you
You get big - you get small, there are nights I wanna give you a call
Oh what's you're name? Must be something that I can do for you
You come near - you go far, I'll be hear when you call oh what a shame
Must be something - I can do for you


Blue moon, I can't take it anymore
Are you hollow at the core?
Let your worries hit the floor

Blue moon, take it easy take it slow
We don't have nowhere to go
You just have to let me know when you come around
Track Name: Treehouse
I want a life worth living, not false paradise
Don't take without giving, take some good advice
Speaking without talking, if you listen you can hear
Do we know each other, or just the way the way appear?

Treehouses call, the hours march along
We put our worries away and let the music play
We live in a treehouse
You take a seed and plant into the ground
A house you have from what begins to sprout

I want a song worth singing, and a girl that's nice
She feeds me when I'm hungry, bowls full of beans and rice
That resonant connection, future with the past,
Explained best with a spiral, culminating all so fast

Track Name: The Talking Machine
I wanna break the ice, wrapped around the device
A will sacrifice - already paying the price
I've got my head in the cloud, I haven't figured it out
Turn up the radio loud - it's transmitting my doubts

I'm losing control of my inhibitions - I'm drunk on the talking machine
I'm tired of hearing the new edition
I'm sick from the feed on the screen, I'm weak from the techno vaccine

I wanna fight the tide, I'm being brushed aside
I'm really burning inside - it's killing all of my pride
The cold is numbing my mind - the light is making me blind
I let myself be defined the way a tool is designed


Where are the natural pools of water?
Where is the grass between my feet?
Where are the stars to survey my slumber?
I'm not where I thought I'd be

Track Name: The Big Show
They say it like it's true then watch it put down its roots
And blossom from the gossip into truth
We're in the weeds up to our knees it's hard to tell the poison from the fruit

Look out below the whole damn thing's about to blow
Gone are all the good days, but hey at least we get to watch the show,
Speak up, sing loud! If you can't let them hear you know
We'll be winning in a rat race, from here until the bottom falls out

So take a walk around the block and do what you do
Those sunny skies are singing just for you
But the weather man has bigger plans so
Dress for nasty weather and stay tuned

Teach a man to fish and watch him eat every day,
A tender tuna steak or a cod fillet,
But feed him to the sharks and he won't ever want to fish another day


There's a rumor right between the lines
Some say it's about time and the End, it's nigh and near
Fortune tellers dress you up just to knock you down
But there's always an update to keep you coming 'round

When will the fire and the brimstone stop the clock
With all these advertisements left to watch
Track Name: Paradiso
Dropped head first, how could this day get any worse?
Is it a blessing or a curse to be stranded here in this paradise?
Carried away into this picture perfect place, it is a wedding or a wake?
To be stranded here in this paradise?

I'll never ever need to work again to get the feed,
I'm living large and counting all of my seeds,
A tragic end indeed, to be stranded here in this paradise
I'll never dig a ditch again I'm hanging with my cricket friends
I'm happier than I've ever been and I hope it never ends
I'm a tourist here in this paradise

Everything you want you want you've got,
A water hole and a sleeping spot
You're the king of comfort in every way
But you're staring at the world through a window pane

I'll never ever need to work again to get the feed,
I'm living large and counting all of my seeds,
A tragic end indeed, to be stranded here in this paradise

Don't you count your chickens yet
For one wrong move and you'll be dead,
Take a moment look around you're not the only one in town,
Can't you see that there's a price to living here in Paradise?
Just when you thought you were safe
You realized you were standing on top of the tail of an old rattlesnake
Track Name: High in a Balloon
Up, up and away
Where a like to look down on busy motorways
And take a minute to wave to the people in their planes,
If only they could just stop and take a walk in outterspace,

High in a balloon, reach up to the moon
You're up there all alone, never lose your way home

I believe the sunshine's looking down on me
And I believe we fit together like a puzzle piece
High in a balloon, reach up to the moon
You're up there all alone, never lose your way home

I've been working really hard to keep my head dry
So every now and then I get high
Way out above a cloudy grey sky

Track Name: Staring at the Sun
We were never well-acquainted
And everyone you knew was a state behind you
Left to wonder where you went and why
But did it come as a surprise
That our voices carried further in your mind than you would ever recognize

We were on a first name basis, you were never good with names or faces
I hate to think we never crossed your mind
But is it any question why?
In the end I couldn't care the thought of you

Laying in bed, staring at the Sun

We followed you across the nation, just another page in the compilation
But I was never there to disagree
And is it any mystery that you'd still be haunting me?
And am I better now to know your history?
Or could I ever been the one to hold your hand
And whisper to you while you were

Laying in bed, staring at the Sun
Track Name: Plastic Knives
Promise me - that as we push you out to sea
That you won't ever ask of me to not look back
Drifting there - marigolds and weathered hair
Delicate and unaware - lead me back

I see you in a dream, nothing ever seems odd or out of place to me
And then I realize - I've lost you a thousand times - just like this

Driving you up and down the avenues
Dodging all the traffic lights to catch your flight
Push and pull - waiting at the terminal
You handed me a plastic knife for our last goodbye

Listen to a song you've been hearing all along and you'll find me there
Whispering - here's another song - I'll meet you in Avalon

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